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ACL2000Reggae Retro / ACL2000 Ltd.

Welcome to the Reggae Retro & ACL2000 catalogue, we have been supporting the worldwide scene since 1989 and have a full range of classic & contemporary Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska available in the catalogue.

Amongst the artists we support are the likes of Derrick Morgan, Devon Russell, Kendrick Andy, Don Drummond, Gideon Jah Rubbaal & others.


Log OnChannel One UK / Log On (Martin Campbell)

This is the place where you'll find many of Martin Campbell's releases on the Log On and Channel One UK labels.

Martin has worked with many artists down through the years and began his musical journey way back in the late 70s; having been inspired as a young man living in Jamaica. His style is strictly roots and as well as being a  producer, he writes his own rhythm tracks and supplies instrumentation and vocals.


Gadd & Phat DubzAlien Dread & Gadd59 (Studios - UK)

Hailing from the UK we have two studios - Alien Dread is down south in Somerset and Gadd59 is based in the West Midlands area.

Gadd59 specializes in both contemporary and classic Reggae material and Alien Dread (formerly Phat Dubz) mainly outputs material under the banner Alien Dread, but of late, has also dedicated studio time working with Martin Campbell's material, providing dub versions & also projects in conjunction with Top Beat & other artists.


DistributionGeneral Distribution

This is the general distribution catalogue and includes releases from Icicle Records, King Edwards and one or two others.

You'll find classic cuts by The Skatalites, Lee Perry etc. here and most of these are CD re-issues at the moment, although expect to see the odd 12" vinyl pop up from time to time.


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